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Deep Root Injection Experts-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Lantana

Deep root injection, also known as deep root fertilization, is the application of a specially prepared liquid mixture to the root zone of trees to boost the nutrient content of the soil. Did you know that your trees also need to get all the minerals that they need for growth and development just the same way you need them? You often visit your nutritionist to advise you on the benefits of eating a balanced diet, but how often do you call an arborist to check your trees if they are also getting the same treatment as you do Lantana Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team is here as your tree services provider that you can turn to know if the trees in your yard need nutrient supplements through deep root injection or not.

Trees will definitely display signs of malnutrition if they are not getting enough nutrients from the soil. You may be wondering what has befallen your trees that were very healthy with lush foliage as they were growing up, but now all you see is stunted growth, undersized leaves, and regrowth on the twigs and branches. It is for a reason. You should not continue waiting for miracles to happen. The moment you see any of these signs and many more, you should call an arborist to further evaluate the situation. If the trees are not infected with diseases and pests, then there is a likelihood that the soil upon which the trees grow is depleted of vital plant nutrients.

How can soil lack nutrients?

If the soil was tested before selecting the tree species, then it becomes very difficult to get depleted of nutrients though there is still a possibility of it happening. If the soil was never tested, then cases of malnutrition will be common in your trees.

Different types of soil have different chemical compositions, which determine what types of trees perform in which areas and which trees do not thrive. That should not be the case when you hired a professional arborist to lead the tree-planting exercise. But how is it possible that the trees can still suffer from malnutrition even when an arborist confirmed that they can perform in your yard? Let us find out.

In the natural ecosystem, there is what we call the nutrient cycle. The cycle is completed when the trees die and decay to release the nutrients back into the soil. The dry leaves that fall on the ground are particularly important in playing this role as they are the majority of nutrient carriers. This does not happen in a landscaped environment as the leaves are raked away as soon as they fall down. So, even if the soil was rich in all the vital nutrients during planting, it will be depleted over time.

Deep root injection is used to artificially supply nutrients to the soil and is only done by professionals. Contact our arborists if you suspect that your trees are malnourished to get this service.

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